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Cannabis is one of the most thoroughly studied, yet misunderstood, medicinal psychedelic plants. Owing mainly to the propaganda of the "War on [Some People Who Use Certain] Drugs," Cannabis' potential for self-development, exploration, and therapy is largely ignored, discounted, and stigmatized. On the DMT-Nexus, Cosmic Spore has been compiling and organizing published scientific literature on this fascinating plant.

The thread can be viewed here: Cannabinoid & Cannabis Studies, Documentaries & the like


“If cannabis were discovered in an Amazon rainforests today, people would be clambering to make as much use as they could out of the potential benefits of the plant"…."Unfortunately, it carries with it a long and not so long history of being a persecuted plant." Donald L. Abrams, MD

There are very interesting papers, videos, and external resources within the thread, and some misunderstood topics are addressed (Note: you need to be logged in to see the hundreds of attached studies in .pdf format). Some noteworthy topics the thread includes:

1.) The documented effects of Cannabinoids 

2.) The difference between decriminalization and legalization [post #47]

3.) Cannabis doesn't cause schizophrenia [post #45]

4.) Nixonian origin of the Cannabis-prohibitionist ideology [post #43]

5.) Marijuana Policy Hearings [post #49]

6.) Cannabis Micropropagation information [posts #55, #56, #57]

7.) The Biotechnology of Cannabis Sativa [1st & 2nd editions] are within the Compressed Files of the Studies and Research So Far

In addition, the thread features a compressed file, available for download, of the research that Cosmic Spore has collected so far, including some evidence that's rarely mentioned in the mainstream media including: [direct] cancer treatment, anti-tumor effects, apoptosis, anti-proliferative effects, or anti-metastatic effects. 

What follows is post #27 of the thread, which contains a brief summary of what we currently know, experimental limits, and further research needed:

Summary of What We Know

* Although cannabis in plant form contains some level of carcinogenic substances, it displays antioxidant activity, and the cannabinoids THC and CBD have demonstrated antitumor/apoptotic/anticancer effects in multiple cancer cell types using petri dishes and in mice; those anticancer effects are not limited to apoptosis, and include (but aren't limited to): Anti-metastatic effects and inhibition of angiogenesis.

(apoptosis: disintegration of cells into membrane-bound particles that are then eliminated by phagocytosis or by shedding; AKA "programmed cell death" AKA "cell suicide")

* (Harm Reduction Journal: Melamede, 2005 Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic) Furthermore, compounds found in cannabis have been shown to kill numerous cancer types including: lung cancer, breast and prostate, leukemia and lymphoma, glioma, skin cancer, and pheochromocytoma. The effects of cannabinoids are complex and sometimes contradicting, often exhibiting biphasic responses. For example, in contrast to the tumor killing properties mentioned above, low doses of THC may stimulate the growth of lung cancer cells in vitro.

* Cannabinoids promote tumor regression in rodents and inhibit pro-angiogenic factors. In fact, clinical trials to treat human glioma with THC have resulted in decreased levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF).
(Harm Reduction Journal: Melamede, 2005 Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic).

* CBD has been proven useful in the treatment of human seizures, epilepsy, convulsions, and also destroys tumor cells; CBD has neuroprotective properties & can inhibit certain types of inflammation.

* CBC & CBG and their synthetic analogues demonstrate antibacterial & antimicrobial activity.

* Cannabinoids markedly decrease signaling in specific neural pathways that transmit messages about pain.

* THC/CBD ratios can play a role in the subjective effects of cannabis.

* The endogenous cannabinoid system plays a role in numerous varying cell functions.

* During brain development & maturation, high doses of cannabis/cannabinoids may be harmful later in life to mental health.

* Some synthetic cannabinoids aren't as safe as phytocannabinoids, and some synthetic cannabinoids can cause seizures.

Limits of experiments done

* Techniques used in experimentation include (but aren't limited to): using a catheter to inject cannabinoids to the location of the tumor cells directly 

* Human cancer patients have not been treated with cannabinoids alone in huge concentrations of varying cannabinoids using double-blind methodology.

Areas that need further research

* Those anticancer effects need phase 3 clinical trials.

* Effects of tolerance (or lack of tolerance) on performing skills and critical thinking under the influence.

* Experiments testing for how non-CBD cannabinoids modulate the experience and/or beneficial effects; the same for the terpenes.

* Various cannabinoid beneficial effects with various dosages, treatment schedules, and methods of administration.

* Is there any level+duration of cannabinoids that will cause people to defecate their tumors (if so, which type cancer cells)?

* Rick Simpson's statements and directions need to be independently verified [.pdf attached to post]


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Nice work, if I may say so. 8)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to, or has read through the thread and this article.

Thank you all for the great learning environment.
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We've all heard these claims, and most of us trust the community without fact checking, so its good to see the facts laid out.
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Hi this look very interesting and i think you've made an amazing work ! :-)

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Hi this look very interesting and i think you've made an amazing work ! :-)

Can you please upload this on an other hosting site ? because the link is down :sad:

Hello, can you tell me specifically what is not working, and I will attempt to fix it asap [did a recent update];
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