Can DMT Help Survive Clinical Death?

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Dr. Ede Frecska, Chairman of Psychiatry at the University of Debrecen in Hungary and long time researcher of ayahuasca, is attempting to find out if DMT helps extend the surivival of the brain during those precious moments when a person is able to be resuscitated upon clinical death. There is already a number of pieces of supporting evidence but more research still needs to be done, and we can all help. The implications of this could be enormous. 

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Imagine your loved one underwent a heart attack, suffered a stroke, lays in coma after an accident, or got electrocuted while changing a light bulb and the doctors are telling you they wish if they had more time to save their life. This project is for those who have gone through something similar, know well how it feels losing critical minutes, and for those who think ahead and want to be in a better position if something fatal happens to them or around them. Imagine, that the rescue comes from a scheduled drug: dimethyltryptamine (DMT)! 

We are a group of basic and clinical researchers who follow the line of investigation started by Stephen Szara's groundbreaking clinical studies with DMT. We are among the first ones who broke away of the mainstream scientific view of DMT as a psychopathological agent and proposed a somatophysiological role for this endogenous tryptamine, which is naturally occurring in the body. Our main tenet is that DMT is involved in the healing and regeneration of cells, it helps the body to survive extreme stress like clinical death. Our group has already provided experimental support of this concept in the field of immunology. 

The core of present proposal is that one of the physiological roles of endogenous DMT is protection against oxidative stress (e.g., hypoxia, lack of oxygen). Clinical death represents the most severe hypoxic condition and quickly progresses into terminal death. The reversible period of clinical death is limited by the brain's tolerance of oxidative stress what DMT may improve. If our hypothesis is right, than DMT has the potential to extend the survival of brain in clinical death. The ultimate goal (our dream) is to have DMT ampoules for intravenous use on the crash carts of emergency vehicles, intensive care units and operating rooms. The first experimental step towards this goal involves neuronal tissue cultures exposed to hypoxic (low oxygen) condition. We need your support to expand our work into hypoxia studies, which are in the stage of in vitro ("test tube") phase. 

It is important to note that we are seeking funding for basic research. We will not be proceeding to human studies until we have got supporting basic data and obtained the requisite permits. Nevertheless, even the first positive results will help rescheduling DMT by falsifying the "no medical use" classification!


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+11 # Pandora 2015-07-02 19:04
Fascinating area of research. Though the ultimate goal probably isn't going to happen within this shared reality tunnel within the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, much more worthy of pursuit than the typical research aimed at boner and hair regrowth pills as well as mood modifiers with horrid side effects, especially if you dare stop.
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