A Songdream Fractal - by Jamie

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A Songdream Fractal

By Jamie

...the path as it wanders, and crazy we become...

...to those who only wander in a straight line...


It was an early fall morning in the Pacific Northwest when a tiny rainforest frog presented me with a profound lesson. I had been out on one of my regular walks, this time surveying the land around a local horse stable in search of active tryptamine-containing plants and fungi.  We had just received rainfall, and everything was wet, vibrant, and glowing. This is when the rainforest really comes to life.  The raindrops pooling together on waxy leaves, shimmering like jewels cascading down waterfalls to the forest floor, bringing with them life. Once satisfied with my foray into the world of entheogenic wildcrafting, I wandered off aimlessly into the trees. Here in the deep old-growth rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, it is very easy to lose oneself in the ambiance of sounds and colors. The biological density and diversity of such a system is astounding for those who are privileged enough to be graced with its presence. There is a deep coherence present within intact ecosystems: a union between the dynamic processes taking place and the homeostatic balance that weaves each individual process into a coherent symphony. Like cells in a body, animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms and non-biological mineral beings all play a pivotal role in holding together the living matrix that weaves into being the dreaming of the great planetary mother we call Earth. We too, have arisen within this system.

After walking a short distance through the forest, I stopped to listen. Each sound a harmonic echo of every other, a song...each note braided effortlessly with another, tones embedded within tones. A crow above...raindrops falling through the canopy to the ground cover below…the wind through the cedars…a stream not far behind…a frog chirping somewhere off to my left. There is perfect fractal compression in living coherent systems, and each being exists in perfect harmony with the structure of the system. They are tuned into the song of the land.

I could not see any of these beings. Each individual drop of rain…limbs swaying in the breeze... birds singing above...amphibian croaking in aquatic crevices, hidden in the underbrush. I could hear them, I could hear their symphony. Every moment perfectly embedded within every movement. Every movement following the subtle threads of every other moment, a luminous silken web of being weaving together the storytime of the forest. These beautiful beings, these gracious beings of the trees, of the waters, of the earth that we too are a part of, singing to us…calling us home, away from the cacophony of distortion, misery and confusion we have collectively sung into being. We do not see them, yet they see us. I stepped forward… Silence. Where is the frog? What happened to the crow? They were all aware of me, yet I still could not perceive them. I could not follow the threads. For a moment in my previous stillness, I could hear their song, I could feel their song...I could feel the forest move through my heart. I was home, yet unequipped for passage in that realm. What if I had been able to follow the threads of the Gaian dreamtime...and sing within that space? Would the forest still then have stopped singing to me?

Is it hard to imagine that we are beings which have emerged within a complex system comprised of layers upon layers, intricately interwoven, and that essentially this system exhibits what might be called “fractal coherence”?...What if this level of coherence is our natural state of being and these are the pretenses under which we have evolved?


As I seated myself in a comfortable position amongst the dried up reeds of the previous seasons phalaris straw, the forest suddenly took on a new ambience...a shift...an awareness...a knowing...watching...waiting…

I hummed a few faint notes under my breath, centered myself and inhaled deeply the thick white vapor billowing out of the now shimmering glass hyperdrive which I held steadily. Exhale...rushing…vibrating…


Starlight child inseminated into the dreaming mind of the Gaian body...

Unfolding...a billion fractal recursions mirrored through infinity… peeling away the layers...the sound…oh the sound...insectoid buzzing…the song of the land...movement...rhythm...buzzing...buzzing...swaying back and forth in vocal tonations of galactic climax as I open my eyes and see...vision. A forest of vision...living liquid light saturation...neon green phalaroid pulsing...Cosmic recursive birdsong chirping...mandalic spheroid fractal compression...

...the embedding of the capacitor...

In and In...crystalized light filling my lungs as mother Jurema consumes my being...the forest lowers, then ramps up in pitch...the luminous purring of a sleeping dragon...a tryptamine symphony of starbeam coherence...rainbow moonbean bifrost bridging...

Ygdrassil rising...

Vaulted spaces and diamond palaces, crystalline castles and jeweled caverns...the heat...burning...rising...the bubbling heat of storytime implosion, dreamtime creation...the cracking of the seal...the popping of a valve...


...”I pray for………”


Witnessing her...the golden goddess of radiance...the anima of the soul...the milky light of a galactic pleroma, birthing a new being...a human being...

This is devotion.

This is sacred

...”I pray for…….”

Dirt! Yes! I pray for the dirt...for the grass, for the beetle...

Licking the earth, tasting her flesh...her nourishment.

The buzzing...the buzzing...insectoid mantid talking circle, chorus of the mother...

In and In...billowing again...crawling on all fours growling silent jaguar purrs impregnating harmonic overtones into trans-linguistic bubbles birthing up my spine...deep in psychedelic labour, vibrational spasms seep out one by one, soothing my soul, calling me back home to the flesh. The song...the music of the cells...biological ascension, genetic transmutation…


               When the last of the bird songs are replaced by automobile engines, the cicadas vibrational symphony by that of televisions and airplanes, and the rustling of the winds through mythical canopies die off in the wake of great rivers of ash fault, will we only then begin to wonder...what of the songs of the people? There was a time in our collective ancestral past when our songs echoed through the forests of old, across the plains and deserts, feeding the resonance of the people back into the land upon which they were sustained.  Plant researcher Dan Carlson claims to have discovered that when played back to plants, bird songs actually stimulated the flowering cycle. Bioacoustics is a relatively young field of research that I think will transform our entire paradigm concerning the role of sonic vibration within an ecosystem. If this is true then we must also ask: what of the songs of the people? We, the people, who have arisen within fully intact biodynamic ecosystems. What of the songs we once sung? What of the drums, woodland flutes, and tribal chants that once called forth and gave praise to the living beings present in the Gaian web of life in which we were embedded? In a time when the people no longer call upon and thank the great tree spirits, the animal guides, and the Gaian mother…When so few drums resonate across the land in reverence of this cosmic plight through the dreaming, what story is it that the land will have to tell future generation of the peoples of today?  Is it when the people stop nourishing the land with the sharing of our storytime and the songs of our dreaming that the land itself withdraws from the story of man? What are the people if not part of the great living story of the Gaian dream? I would like to propose that there was a time when all of the peoples inhabited a sacred space within the historical sphere, beyond that of the simple confines of linear consequence, where we walked vast mythical paths of creative dreaming in syncretic rhythm with the planetary and galactic body.


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+4 # fellow nexian 2014-03-31 19:59
Great stuff jamie.loved it
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-2 # goat 2014-04-02 16:45
This article is incomprehension personified. :sigh:
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+3 # adam 2014-04-02 19:13
Very nice piece of writing - a lot to think about!

I'm sure it was just an auto-correct issue, but in the paragraph starting "I could not see any of these beings..." there are a couple instances of "they're" that should be "their." :roll:
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I love it.
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Great stuff! :D
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Amazing work ;-) keep it up.
I understand it.its beautiful honestly
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righteous my brother! :lol:
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Sacred geometry my friend :D
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