Thoughts on Using DMT Safely and Respectfully

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Dealing With Negative Trips and Dark Entities
It is possible for people to have negative trips or meet dark entities within the context of their exploration(s) of hyperspace. The interpretations of what these experiences mean or where exactly they come from are as varied as the individuals who use DMT and there may be no easy answer to these questions. However, there are constructive ways for dealing with them.

There are several factors which can decrease (or increase) the chance of these negative experiences, many of which are related to preparation. If these experiences occur, there are a number of different techniques you can use to deal with them in a positive way, both during the experience, as well as during the subsequent integration period. Here are some tips collected from different members of the Nexus:



• Work on your daily life and fulfill your responsibilities. Being a productive and healthy person can serve to create a strong foundation from which to start engaging with alternate states of consciousness.

• Take care of set and setting. It is important to ask yourself: Is it a good time and place to take MT? Is the room clean and organized and is this an appropriate mindset?

• Create a clear intention to carry with you into Hyperspace (a short and sweet mantra).

• Meditate. Clear your mind and evict any obnoxious inner voices or negative emotions.

• Surround yourself with “power objects”. Things you consider sacred, or find comforting and calming can be used to create a positive atmosphere.

• Make sure you are well-nourished and hydrated.

• Play music that makes you feel safe and loved in the background.


During the Experience:

• Some people feel that it is best to avoid dark entities. Others feel that there may be something to learn from dealing with them, as long as you maintain a state of inner strength and work towards integration afterwards.

• Have a mantra to fall back on. It doesn't have to be esoteric and can be as simple as "All is well," or "This too shall pass."

• Stay calm and release any negative emotions as or before they arise. Some people find that fear and anger attract negative experiences.

• Try to surrender to the experience and let go. Take it in without judgment.

• Actively use your intentions to find the experience you want. There is nothing wrong with being passive and seeing what unfolds, but if you are not happy with what is going on, tries to move onto something better. This may take a bit of practice, like navigating a lucid dream.

• Try not to focus on, pay attention to, give energy to, or otherwise encourage any beings or spaces you encounter that make you uncomfortable. When in doubt, seek positive affirmation within the experience.

• Detach, rather than identify with any negative images, visions and experiences.

• Remember the Common Source that binds us all. Ultimately there is nothing to fear, because this is all part of Existence.

• Ring a bell or singing bowl.

• Dance, use yoga, qi-gong, tai-chi, or engage in other forms of movement.

• Use breathing exercises. Some people visualize blowing out the negativity.

• If all else fails, you can call on guardians you have met previously or have an affinity for. Allies that might come to your aid can take any form, and the spirit of the ayahuasca vine itself can be quite protective. It helps if you have cultivated this and have worked with your guardians previously, but you might be surprised who or what will come to your aid if you implore with sincerity.



• Write down your experience in a journal.

• Think deeply about what happened and try to remember events that might have slipped your mind.

• Be patient with the blanks in your memory.

• Meditate on the most impressive or important aspects of your experience. Contemplate symbols and images you encountered.

• Question yourself about the experience. A few guiding questions that can help are:

- Was there something in my preparation and “normal” life that I have done that could have caused this experience?

Can I improve something?

Is there a message to me in this experience?

Can I use this in a life-affirming way to improve myself and/or the world around me?

Should I do this again or perhaps take a break or stop altogether? If I do, is there anything I can do better?

Can I improve through changing something in my dosage, intentions, set and setting, actions during the negative event and/or integration?

- Should I get some help, whether it is simply talking with others who can understand me, or more thorough psychological/spiritual support?

•Talk through your experience with someone who you trust and can ask you questions that you might not remember to ask yourself.

•Be thankful and let it all go!


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