Psychedelic Plato: A Review of Patrick Lumborg's book

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Patrick Lundborg's weighty tome Psychedelia respectfully adds to the definitive meta-psychedelic cultural commentary sparked first by Daniel Pinchbeck's now infamous Breaking Open the Head. Psychedelia is one of the most essential books in the argument for psychedelic shamanism and self-initiation into metaphysical mysteries—at this critical juncture of the post-internet age.

Lundborg's pleasantly daunting 520 page text is almost medieval in its prying, penetrating philosophical musings, carefully sculpting out what he deems to be the Unified Psychedelic Theory. The UPT confidently allows for psychedelic culture to be understood on its own terms, instead of being a by-product of psychology or the history of religion. Like author James Oroc, [1] Lundborg also views the 21st century as the dawn of a carefully sophisticated, nuanced and scholarly approach to the inevitable second psychedelic renaissance.

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