A [Not So] Brief Overview of DMT

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What Are The Implications Of DMT?

The DMT experience remains one of the most baffling and amazing enigmas of the human experience. The realms one breaks into are frequently described as “amazing,” “incredible,” and even “impossible.” Many, if not most, who have taken DMT and experienced the phenomenon known as a “breakthrough” feel that their experience was not mere “hallucination,” ”hypnagogia,” or even material from their subconscious mind.

Some common ideas of what might be occurring are expounded upon below from an excerpt of Psychedelic Monographs and Essays. It should be noted that the following by no means encompasses all, or even the majority of DMT experiences:

"Although the amazing geometrical hallucinations experienced under the influence of DMT are sufficient in themselves to command attention among students of psychedelics, the really interesting part of the experience is the apparent contact with alien beings.

Since some may feel reluctant to admit the possible existence of alien beings [let alone their contacting human beings under the influence of DMT], we should consider all hypothesis that might explain the observations, or at least, those that are consistent with them."

Several questions can be distinguished. First, there is the question of the independent reality of the entities. Subjects report experiences of contact with communicative beings whose independent existence at the time seems self-evident. It is worth noting that at this point in time, we have no ability to verify claims about the independent reality of consensus reality, and should therefore not be too hasty to make such demands about the DMT experience.

These experiences are not described as dream-like. If these entities have an existence independent of the DMT-influenced subject, then a realm of existence has been discovered which is quite other to consensus reality, which many assume is the only “real” plane of existence. The discovery of a “separate reality" would directly challenge the foundations of the current Materialist paradigm.

Additional questions arise, regardless of whether the entities are independently-existing or not, as to what they are seen as and seen to be doing? What is happening, for example, when some subjects report seeing thousands of these entities simultaneously? Even more interesting is the phenomenon of communication, or attempted communication, which many people report. Some people also report seeing the entities communicating with each other, in some kind of mutual exchange -- but of what?

This matter can also be approached from the point of view of neuropharmacology. What exactly is going on when DMT molecules are drawn across the blood brain barrier and into the brain, causing it to function in what appears subjectively to be a radically different manner? Why does the brain seek out this molecule with an affinity normally reserved for glucose and other compounds understood to be vital to the functionality of the brain?



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Very, very well put together. Breaks down the mysterious chemical in a logical manner. Thanks for this!
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