A [Not So] Brief Overview of DMT

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Is DMT Dangerous?

The feeling of doing DMT is as though one had been struck by noetic lightning. The ordinary world is almost instantaneously replaced, not only with a hallucination, but a hallucination whose alien character is its utter alienness. Nothing in this world can prepare one for the impressions that fill your mind when you enter the DMT sensorium.


The extraordinary brevity of the experience argues that it is incredibly harmless. It virtually disappears from the organism in about ten minutes. The paradox is that DMT is the most powerful yet most harmless of all these things. This is probably because, for reasons which are mysterious to us, DMT occurs in normal brain metabolism [in Serotonin].
-- Terence McKenna

Even though DMT is one of the most intense psychedelics in existence, it is one of the safest, physically. Because the human body already contains DMT in trace amounts, the brain knows exactly how to utilize and metabolize this compound and it leaves the system in a matter of minutes. In fact, the brain actively transports DMT across the blood-brain barrier, an incredibly rare phenomenon that evidences the paradoxical nature of this endogenous compound that induces such otherworldly experiences. In fact one could say that since DMT is endogenous to the human nervous system it is one of the safest psychedelics available, far safer than common alcohol and cigarettes.

Mentally, DMT is extremely intense. One of the few dangers that one may encounter is a lack of preparedness for the intensity of the experience and may have trouble integrating it into their waking life. It may be helpful to have some grounding in esoteric or psychedelic states of mind before embarking on any DMT voyages. Set and Setting also play a big part in facilitating the most positive, insightful, and enjoyable experience possible.


How Can One Acquire DMT?

There are a number of ways to acquire this entheogen. The first and most difficult way is to have some substantial chemistry knowledge and experience and actually synthesize pure DMT in a laboratory. This is a rather tricky and time consuming process and requires access to some rather obscure and hard to acquire chemicals.

The most common and easiest method to acquire DMT is to extract it from the various plant species that contain the compound. The various plants and extraction techniques won't be expounded upon here, but come on…you’re reading this on the Nexian, right? Maybe check out the DMT-Nexus forums and wiki.



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