Being a Psychedelic Person

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What does it mean to be a psychedelic person?... To strive to embody the teachings of entheogenic medicines in all aspects of our lives? To walk the visions of our own individual dreaming, gifting our gnosis to the world around us..To become that which we ourselves desire?

When was the last time you laughed because you cried...

When was the last time you cried because you laughed..

Learning to laugh, and learning to cry,
Dancing in sorrow and sobbing in joy.

Many of us work with the entheogenic plants and molecules. We enter sacred space and spend nights running the edges of reality over into the abyss, peering deep into the depth of our being, mourning our losses and celebrating the gift of life we have been given. We dream our futures and re-vision our pasts…moving deeper into the mirror of self-reflection, we come to understand the cosmic journey that is our collective earth walk. For these nights we are dreamers, believers, seekers, poets and healers…We are mystics and sages holding space for the genesis of the cosmic narrative unfolding within, infolding without. We are map makers and autonomous self-generators, we are children and we are elders, solar incarnations surfing the winds of time. We are psychedelic.

..and then...

...We come down. We go home to our families, lovers, friends and coworkers. We go to bed, we wake up. We go to work and we raise our children. We get caught up in the drama of life, of love, of work and of play. As we put on the masks of the collective narrative once more we risk forgetting that we are mere actors, and we fall back into roles that do not extend out from that place in our hearts, from which the threads of our dreams extend.

To embody and cultivate our personal vision of gnosis within, is to rise to the challenge of being a psychedelic person. This is the blossoming of the flower that is the seed of the gaian entheogens. To come back to the "world as it is", and see through the eyes of a solar incarnation, to know how to hold space for the mourning of this traumatized world is to live as a psychedelic person. This is, in my eyes, what many of us strive towards.


Success is not to be measured relative to our achieval of the goal, but by our willingness to move forward in our path as those who are up for the challenge...to be mindful of our individual struggles and traumas as we make our through this life..to constantly hold space for our own mourning, and to celebrate our own joy..In this way we take responsibility for the direction in which our energies flow as autonomous beings woven into a larger gaian ecology. 

cyb - tantra To break an arm, a leg or a toe is an external blemish, from which we readily rise…

To break your heart, is to experience the greatest trauma, paralyzing in it’s grasp...

It's only when we are truly broken apart…
That we are provided a view of what worlds await within.

To be a psychedelic person is to have the courage to own and accept our traumas, our fears and doubts…to live as boundless beings in expression of the dance of emotions that set the stage in one’s life, and move forward as circle openers and closers, in elegance and grace. To move in a way that confounds us as individuals into a constant state of awe, and share our reverence in humble rapture in all aspects of life, is to live a psychedelic life.

So long has been our journey from starlight to flesh, eons of dreaming to walk the "world as it is"...as galactic dewdrops reflecting back from the cosmic eyeball of the self, we are eternal. As dream walkers and story speakers, the spherical narrative woven through the arts of the old tongue, we are keepers of magic. We are custodians of the sacred. We are cultivators within the garden of the gaian mythos…we are kin. 

We are all kin.


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