Imaginatrix - The Terence McKenna Experience

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Via Kickstarter:

Imaginatrix - The Terence McKenna Experience is an alluring experiment in neo-psychedelic cinema by the creator of Alien DreamTime and Strange Attractor.

Terence McKenna was a renegade intellectual most noted for his enthusiastic advocacy of psychedelic experience and provocative free thinking.  This movie crowns over twenty years of collaboration and wonderment with McKenna's unprecedented ecology of mind.  The project was inspired and guided by previously unreleased video recordings made in private with Terence, circa 1989-1994.

Imaginatrix was catalyzed by an uncanny series of personal events. It is more stream of (altered) consciousness and ceremonial than documentary.  The movie presents an over-full visual environment with thousands of layered images, motion graphics, and stunning visualizations. Topics probed include Eros, Visual Language, DMT, Rosicrucians, Death, Fairy Land, and Other related enticements.  

The movie is scheduled for release with Devolver Digital Films 2014. We are also collaborating with Mitch Schultz (DMT: The Spirit Molecule), and releasing additional content at Mythaphi, his emergent transmedia arts platform.

After over four years of intense production and personal commitment, we need your help to finish Imaginatrix and release it into a waiting world. The movie is very near completion(!) and your contribution is essential and deeply appreciated.

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