ERIE presents: On the Transmission of Ayahuasca with Steven Beyer

By ERIE on Wednesday, 05 March 2014, hits: 4695

Beyer is well known for his deep knowledge and experience in the field and his latest book, Singing to the Plants, which has been called, "the most comprehensive examination of Amazonian shamanism ever written".

Via ERIE Vision:

Here is ERIE's mission statement:

"The Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education group's mission is to provide a forum for the furtherance of three areas in the entheogenic dialogue: 1) discussing contemporary research and scholarship involving sacred medicine and proposing new horizons and directions for it; 2) creating and holding a safe space in which to share and integrate transpersonal experiences; and 3) envisioning a new educational paradigm in which the ancient wisdom of plant teachers, long held by indigenous cultures, can be reframed to be relevant within a modern, Western context."

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