Chemist and Psychedelic Expert, David Nichols, on CBC

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David E. Nichols is a pharmacologist and medicinal chemist from Purdue University. He's the founding president of the Heffter Research Institute and has worked in the field of psychoactive drugs since 1969. He was also the chemist that provided the DMT for Rick Strassman's famous human studies.

Here he talks with Brent Bambury on the topic of research, drug policy, and the challenges they face. From CBC:

Scientific American is calling on the U.S. government to loosen restrictions on psychoactive drugs such as LSD and ecstacy. Brent spoke to pharmacologist David Nichols about the difficulties of researching with psychedelics, and medical historian Erika Dyck on the sometimes uncomfortable history of psychoactive drug research.

Listen to it here


+1 # MalcolmO 2014-02-17 00:12
Brent Bambury has NOTHING to do with NPR. He is _not_ "NPR's" Brent Bambury; he is CBC's Brent Bambury. NPR = National Public Radio, a US organization. CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a Canadian organization.
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+3 # universe 2014-02-19 01:08
Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know, I changed the title. Sorry about the mix up!
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