Cognitive Dissidents UV Psytrance Art

By Cognitive Dissidents  on Wednesday, 07 May 2014, hits: 5700


Cognitive Dissidents is a decor crew based in London who supply backdrops and lighting to psychedelic trance events in the UK and other parallel dimensions. Here they give us a first hand glimpse at some of their DMT-inspired visionary artwork.
We've decorated numerous events in the UK and abroad in the last few years since we started out. Perhaps the biggest event we've been involved with was Timegate 360 on NYE 2012 in Switzerland, which was attended by some 3,000+ euro psyheads. The backdrops are UV acrylic paint on lightweight landscape fabric and range in sizes up to 11m x 1.6m.











We have a Facebook fan page/blog at www.facebook.com/cognitivedissidents where you can find out more, see photos from parties that we decorate, as well as photo sets from other talented decor crews from round the world.





+3 # TikyWicky 2014-05-07 16:10
WOAH that is neat!!!!! :-*
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+4 # muktuk 2014-05-08 03:34
Amazing work! O how I wish psytrance was still alive in the USA..
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+1 # Cosmic Spore 2014-05-10 01:17
Great work 8)
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